Online Etiquette or Netiquette:

1. Check discussion frequently and respond appropriately on the subject

2. Focus on one subject per message and use pertinent subject titles

3. Capitalize words only to highlight a point or for titles - Capitalizing otherwise generally is viewed as SHOUTING!

4. Be professional and careful about your online interaction

5. Cite all quotes, references, and sources

6. When posting a long message, it is generally considered courteous to warn readers at the beginning of the message that it is a lengthy post

7. It is considered extremely rude to forward someone else’s message without their permission

8. It is fine to use humor, but use it carefully. The absence of face-to-face cues can cause humor to misinterpreted as criticism or flaming (angry, antagonistic criticism)

9. Feel free to use emoticons such as :) to let others know you’re being humorous